About Us

Founded by interior designer Lou Chan, the House of Lei Lou is a boutique interior design and luxury lifestyle brand.

The collection encompasses hand crafted mirrors and bespoke furniture, made in London and designed with vintage elements and contemporary finishes to adapt beautifully in a period or modern space.

Our ethos focuses on clean lines and timeless design, whilst keeping a sense of luxury and elegance. All products are finished in our signature colours, antique bronze, copper rose, silver polished or shabby french white. 

At Lei Lou, quality and craftsmanship go hand-in-hand, and the importance of craftsmanship can never be over emphasized.  We are incredibly proud that every Lei Lou piece is hand made by our expert team of sculptors and craftsmen with over 30 years of experience. Together we collaborate to strengthen our creativity and the authenticity of our designs.  We hand make everything because we believe in ensuring that traditional techniques, uniqueness and quality goes into what we are making. 


Lei Lou offers a bespoke and made to order service, giving you a chance to work intimately with our designers to create a product that best suits and reflects your style.

We hope you find our collection beautiful and inspiring.